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Updated 04/13/20 Vehicle Standards: Drivers' vehicles must meet the list of Call a Ride standards as well as all local government standards. See "Vehicle Requirements" for more info.

At Call A Ride, we have high standards for our vehicles, which means meeting any city or state requirements. If your vehicle requires an inspection, visit your state's page State Vehicle Requirements. The inspection forms you need to use (if applicable) are listed there.

Vehicle age

Before applying to be a driver or if you’re moving to a new city, check the State Vehicle Requirements and find your new city or state and its minimum vehicle age requirement.

Seat Belts

A minimum of 5 seat belts (including the drivers') is required for all CAR vehicles.

Vehicle inspection requirements
You will need to get your car inspected before you can start to drive on the CAR Platform. Your vehicle needs to be 12 years old or newer to drive on the CAR platform.

All CAR drivers are required to download the 19-point vehicle inspection form from the callaride.com site. CAR does not cover the cost of inspection by a third-party mechanic, the average cost of which is $20 to $40. Bring all the necessary documents to get started. These include your driver's license, vehicle registration, car insurance, and downloaded inspection form. The form needs to be filled out and then uploaded to CAR through the app or website. CAR will go over the form and do follow-up calls to ensure the inspection was, in fact, done.

Previous inspections that are not done on a CAR form are not accepted.

Free or discounted vehicle inspections may be available in your area through Call A Ride service centers or Benefit Partners. Please check the "Benefit Partners" section or contact info@callaride.com for more information.