Updated 04/13/20

You will need to get your car inspected before you can start driving on the CAR platform. Your vehicle needs to be no more than 12 years old to drive on the CAR platform.

All CAR drivers are required to download the 19-point vehicle inspection form. Click the link below to download a copy of the CAR vehicle inspection form.




CAR does not cover the cost of inspection by a third-party mechanic, the average cost of which is $20 to $40. Bring all the following documents to get started: Your driver's license, vehicle registration, car insurance and the downloaded vehicle inspection form. The form needs to be filled out and then uploaded to CAR through the app or website. CAR will review the form when uploaded.

Previous inspections may no longer meet the new city requirements and may not be accepted by CAR.

Free or discounted inspections may be available in your area at a Call A Ride inspection center or through Call A Ride's Benefit Partners. Check the Benefit Partners page for available discounts: Benefit Partners. To determine if a center is available in your area, please email us at

What if my car does NOT pass the inspection?

In order to drive on the CAR platform, your vehicle must pass the 19-point inspection on the CAR form. This ensures that all vehicles on the CAR platform are safe for riders and drivers.