Updated 04/13/20

Call A Ride is a unique platform that provides options for diders and drivers. Tow truck owners, now instead of your fleet sitting dormant, Call A Ride will have your tow trucks working for you all of the time, delivering you larger profits. Whether you have a single tow truck or multiple, Call A Ride provides direct access to people looking for a tow right away. This gives people that get stuck in a bad spot the option to look on the Call A Ride app and see where your trucks are in real-time. Sign up today to get your tow trucks working for you full time and in plain sight of people that need a tow. Download the app, create your profile and Call A Ride will do the rest. Block out times when you're available or go live any time you're ready. If you have a tow truck company with multiple trucks and Drivers for dispatch, contact us at

We'll get your Drivers set up. Call A Ride--creating more money and making opportunities for transportation easier.