The Call a Ride platform allows Drivers to set their own hourly rates, and are paid to the second. There is a minimum rate of $25 an hour that the CAR platform allows the Drivers to set. Drivers need to consider a few things when setting their rates.

The first thing is access to your vehicle…. Ask yourself a few questions… What kind of vehicle do I drive? A car, SUV, minivan, truck, economy vehicle.... How old is my vehicle? What gas mileage does my vehicle get? (If you don’t know, look it up online or refer to your vehicle manual.) Is my vehicle brand considered luxury? Have you done anything different to separate your vehicle from others that are similar to it? For example, does your vehicle have Satellite radio, TV’s, rims, or entertainment such as video games or karaoke? You want to create fare market value not just for the Rider but for yourself. Watch the success series video on Setting Your Rate below for more tips on setting rates. Drivers always have the ability to adjust their fare either up or down on each ride for things such as repeat business, traffic delays, parking, tolls, new Riders, discounts, extra services, etc.