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Setting up your profile on the Call a Ride platform is a very important part of a Driver's success. Unlike other rideshare platforms, Call a Ride makes you the boss, so set up your profile accordingly. To see a sample page, click here. Sample Driver Profile

About me: This section is where you can tell potential Riders who you are. Give some history about what you have done. Think about what separates you from other drivers. What services do you provide? Example: Do you provide cold water, a karaoke machine, on-board video games, a scooter ramp, will-wait- for appointments, etc.? You can use our unique badge program to showcase the special services you provide.

These are all examples of services you can provide. Give a little history about yourself such as you have given 5000 rides or been a rideshare driver for 5 years. Are you a veteran, do you have any children, pets, music--all of these are good info to let Riders know. Just remember, you can get favorited by any Rider and recommended by your Riders for future rides. You're growing your own business as well as getting random rides. However, Riders may choose you based on your profile and what you have in common.

Profile pic: Use a good clean-looking profile pic because first impressions make a difference. Make sure that you keep your profile pic up to date. You want to make sure the Riders recognize you when you pick them up.

Vehicle pictures: Call a Ride allows you to show multiple pictures of your vehicle. This way Riders can see the inside and outside of your vehicle. Make sure you use one pic for the licence plate and one for the outside of your vehicle. The rest is up to you. We recommend showing any accessories you have such as charging cables, Satellite radio or anything that will make a Rider want to choose you as their Driver.

Notes: The Notes section is an additional area for you to add anything you didn't put in the About Me section. Think about what you put in these sections. You can always go back and change them whenever you want. They are designed to help you show Riders who you are and what you do. Please be aware that the notes section will not be printed on promotional 6 x 9 cards.