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Updated 04/13/20

As a Rider, you acknowledge that the application to use or the usage of the CAR TECHNOLOGY may create charges or fees to you. Charges may include, but are not limited to, pass thru Driver fares and/or any other relevant fees such as, special adjustments, waiting fees, service fees, parking, tolls, admission fees, surcharges, Driver tips, airport fees, insurance fees, special parking fees, extra luggage fees, booking fees, and any government imposed taxes that may apply in your city or ride location.

Drivers have the exclusive authority to set their own rates (“Fare” or “Fares”), CAR does not set Fares for Riders. Drivers post their hourly Fares on CAR TECHNOLOGY and a minimum Fare that they charge regardless of the time, distance, or the Fare. Drivers are independent owner operators and have the option to receive payments from Riders in various forms such as cash, checks, or through the convenience of the CAR’s card processing program (“CAR Card Processing”). Fares may vary dependent upon the particular Driver that you request. Please be aware that not all Drivers are priced the same and there may be several reasons for the variation in Fares such as the vehicle type and age, Driver status, special services, market or region or other considerations placed on the rates by the Driver. You are responsible for reviewing the Driver’s page and/or the Fare quotes within the CAR TECHNOLOGY and shall be responsible for all charges incurred under your User account, regardless of your awareness of such charges, or the amounts thereof. When requesting transportation, the quote that is displayed (“Quote”) is based on the current road and traffic conditions, however, these Quotes are subject to change, greater or lesser, depending on the actual time it takes to complete your ride. Driver’s Fares calculated pro rate by minutes and the Driver’s hourly rate multiplied by the actual time it takes to complete the trip. At the conclusion of a ride, you may decide to tip your Driver.

A service fee (“Service Fee”) is added to every ride that is arranged through the CAR TECHNOLOGY and the Rider shall pay the Fare and Service Fee through CAR’s Card Processing. CAR Card Processing includes payments made using a Card, the term “Card” will include all credit, gift, promo, or debit cards. CAR reserves the right from time to time to adjust the Service Fees as necessary. Service Fees are in addition to the overall Fares along with any additional charges or adjustments that may occur during the Rider’s trip. Service Fees will also be added to charges for cancellations and damages that are processed on the Rider’s Card. CAR reserves the right to use any of the revenue from any charges for any purpose that CAR chooses, in its sole discretion. A booking fee (“Booking Fee”) is applied to every ride and is the fee CAR charges to support its business and provide riders and drivers with the use of the CAR TECHNOLOGY. An insurance fee (“Insurance Fee”) is applied to every ride and is a calculation based from the total insurance cost that is billed to CAR in order to provide such coverage’s as are mandated by Transportation Network Company (“TNC”) laws, if they apply to CAR TECHNOLOGY or Services. Riders are billed this Insurance Fee pro rate based on the amount of mileage for each ride from the start point to the end point. Insurance Fees may vary from location to location or other factors that may be implied by the insurance carrier. CAR may impose an addition to the Insurance Fee at its sole discretion. Drivers and Riders agree that chargebacks (“Chargeback”) on credit cards used to pay for CAR’s Services or CAR TECHNOLOGY shall not be permitted. In the event of a Chargeback, Drivers and Riders agree that they will be charged a $30.00 “Chargeback Fee” by CAR. Such Chargeback fee shall be final and assessed by CAR in its sole discretion. Drivers and Riders agree that the Chargeback Fee is reasonable. In the event that Drivers or Riders dispute a charge on their credit card they must contact CAR Customer Service to dispute the charge.

Please be aware that other fees and surcharges may be implemented to your ride. Some examples of this are any actual or expected airport fees, any relevant state or local fees, event fees which are decided by CAR and/or its marketing partners, and any processing fees that may be charged for split payments. Furthermore, where required by applicable law CAR will also obtain any relevant taxes from you. To learn more please review your market’s CAR page for further specifics on any other Charges that could potentially apply to your ride.

After requesting a ride through CAR, you have the option to cancel your ride through the mobile app, however please note that a cancellation fee may apply. A cancellation fee may also be assessed if you fail to show up to the designated pick-up location after requesting a ride or are not available at your location and ready to go within 5 minutes of the Driver’s arrival. You can review our Help Center at any time to read more about our cancellation policy.

There is a no-refund policy on any and all charges. This no-refund policy will be fully enforced at all times no matter the reason for your decision to cancel your use of the CAR TECHNOLOGY, including any interruption to the CAR TECHNOLOGY, or for any and all other reasons.

Upon the use of a new payment method or for each ride requested, CAR may request approval of your chosen payment method to authenticate said payment method, establish that the cost of the ride will be covered in your account of choosing, and safeguard against any unauthorized transactions. This authorization is not a permanent charge, although, it may be visible and as such deduct your available credit on your bank statement by the allowed authorization amount until whenever your bank’s next processing cycle happens. Please keep in mind that if the authorization amount is more than the total amount of funds available to deposit in your chosen account, you may be given an overdraft of NSF charges by your bank that is issuing your debit or prepaid card. We cannot and will not be held responsible at any time or for any reason for these charges and are not able to provide you with assistance in recovering the losses or fees from your bank. Please look over the CAR Help Link if you would like to learn more.

All of the charges and payments will be facilitated by CAR using the payment method that has been designated in your User account settings. After services have been rendered, you will receive a receipt through your chosen email. If for any reason your primary User account payment method is found to be expired, closed, invalid, frozen, or otherwise not available to be charged the fee, you accept, understand, and agree that CAR may attempt to use a secondary payment method that is available in your Account.

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