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Updated 04/13/20

In consideration of your use and participation in the CAR TECHNOLOGY and Websites, You acknowledge and agree that You will not:

  1. imitate, impersonate, or portray yourself as any other person or entity (whether real or fictional);
  2. persecute, stalk, threaten, intimidate, menace, or in any way harass any person or persons;
  3. have any weapons or illegal substances on your person while using CAR TECHNOLOGY;
  4. breach, violate, disregard, infringe, or disobey any law, statute, rule, permit, ordinance, or regulation of the country, county, state, or area that you are in, while in the services or use of any CAR TECHNOLOGY;
  5. impede, interfere with, obstruct, inhibit, or disrupt the CAR TECHNOLOGY, the servers, websites, functions, or networks connected to the CAR TECHNOLOGY;
  6. post Information, use, or correspond on the CAR TECHNOLOGY in a manner which is deceitful, dishonest, discriminative, defamatory, abusive, obscene, lewd, profane, offensive, sexually-oriented, insulting, harassing, or illegal in any way;
  7. make use of the CAR TECHNOLOGY in any way that breaches or is against any third party’s rights, including, but not limited to intellectual property rights, copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or any other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy;
  8. post, comment, email, or in any way spread, transfer, or give out any malicious code, files, or programs created to contaminate, interrupt, corrupt, change, damage, hinder, destroy, impair, or in any way limit the performance of any computer software, hardware, telecommunications equipment, or covertly intercept, exploit, illegally use, or confiscate any and all systems, data, or others personal information;
  9. create headers or manipulate any identifiers to disguise the origin of any information relayed through the CAR TECHNOLOGY;
  10. eliminate any copyright, trademark, or any other proprietary rights or notices from any section segment of CAR TECHNOLOGY;
  11. “frame,” “mirror,” “link to,” or copy any part of the CAR TECHNOLOGY without our express permission given in written approval or otherwise use meta tags, code, or any other devices having any mention of us so that one may get a person to another web site for any reason whatsoever;
  12. change, modify, adjust, adapt, alter, translate, readjust, reverse engineer, break down, decipher, decompile, disorder, disassemble, or in any way dismantle any section of the CAR TECHNOLOGY except as may be permitted by applicable law;
  13. reproduce, rent, modify, license, lease, lend, publicly display, publicly perform, sell, resell, distribute, redistribute, transfer, transmit, stream, broadcast, prepare derivative works based upon, sublicense, or otherwise exploit the CAR TECHNOLOGY access to any section of the CAR TECHNOLOGY except as expressly permitted by CAR;
  14. use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application, or any other manual and/or automatic device or process, or cause, dispatch, create, or in any way launch any programs or scripts to capture, retrieve, index, scrape, survey, data mine, or in any way clone, reproduce, duplicate, copy, replicate, or prevent the navigational structure or appearance of the CAR TECHNOLOGY or its contents or unnecessarily afflict, burden, encumber, block, cripple, hinder, or impede the performance of any facet of the Services;
  15. endeavor to get unauthorized entry, access, or to debilitate any portion of the CAR TECHNOLOGY, systems, content, networks, or functions;
  16. link, whether directly or indirectly, to other websites without the express permission of CAR;
  17. sell, auction, transfer, or trade your User account, password, and/or any other identification to another party;
  18. segregate, discriminate against, single out, harass, intimidate, persecute, or torment any persons for their race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, physical or mental disability or condition, medical condition, marital status, age, or sexual orientation; or
  19. motivate, cause, enlist, or employ any third party to be a party to any of the restricted activities above.
  20. Engage in any behavior that is aggressive, offensive, or overly distracting to the driver (“Inappropriate Behavior”). Such determination of inappropriate behavior shall be made by driver is his or her sole discretion. If a Rider has engaged in Inappropriate Behavior, Drivers shall have the right to immediately terminate Services or an in-progress ride, and the fees for such Services shall be non-refundable.

Furthermore, smoking inside of a vehicle that is used for the transportation of the CAR community is against our policy and, as such, is prohibited. Cars used in offering the Services must be smoke-free at all times, even when CAR TECHNOLOGY is disabled. Please remember that there will be riders entering the car that may have respiratory issues or may be bothered by the smell. If at any time a Rider reports that a Driver’s vehicle smells like smoke, that Driver’s account may be disabled until such time that as the issue is resolved. CAR also has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy for Drivers while using CAR TECHNOLOGY.

Depending upon the area that you are providing transportation services through the CAR Platform, some laws, legislations, mandates, regulations, rulings, statutes, acts, codes, decrees, and/or precedents prohibit the use of dashboard cameras and/or other recording devices and as such may not be allowed during rides. Please also be aware that in some cities, states, or areas, signage may be required to make known the presence of any recording devices. Please refer to the laws on recording devices that have been implemented in the area that you use the CAR services.

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