At Call a Ride, the Driver is prompted to inspect their vehicle after each ride. If a Rider causes physical or cosmetic damage to the interior or exterior of your vehicle, you have 3 mins to report back to CAR that the vehicle is clean or the vehicle has a problem. If the vehicle has a problem, you take a picture of the problem and put in notes. This is gets emailed and texted to the Rider and the Driver. Customer Service will review and access all damage reports and respond within 24 hours. If the damage is found to be legitimate, the fee will be charged to the Rider's payment method. View the "Terms and Conditions" to learn more. Please note that CAR's Drivers cannot take another Rider until they report that the car is either clean or their car has a problem. We know that all CAR Drivers use their personal vehicles to drive other CAR Riders as well as their family and friends. We know it’s important for all Drivers to keep their car in great condition.


  • If the damage is in excess of the normal $150 damage fee, the claim could be escalated through CAR and may require estimates for repairs.
  • All damage fees charged to the Rider will have Car's service fee added to accommodate transaction costs and services.