Any claims for misprinted/damaged items must contact Call A Ride within 30 days of receipt of the product. If the product itself is flawed due to a manufacture defect or does not conform to “Printing Industry Standards on Color” (you can request a copy of Print Industry Standards from or if the final product is materially is significantly different than the design presented on the Call A Ride Application, Call A Ride will reprint & reship the new product to the 3rd party Customer at no additional charge. Call A Ride requires visual confirmation (photographic evidence) from the Customer to verify the claim. Call A Ride will not process any claims without visual confirmation. Call A Ride does not process or handle refunds, returns, reships or exchanges due to generalized dissatisfaction of Customers without defect.

The Customer is responsible for adding his/her address to returned products. If the Customer does not to add his/her business address and the product is returned to Call A Ride, Call A Ride is not responsible for the reshipment or refund of your production and/or shipping costs