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Updated 04/13/20 This page is a reference guide for a law enforcement officer, agency or other party to request records from CALL a RIDE, INC. (“CAR”).

Records Stored

CAR stores and maintains information as described in CAR’s "Privacy Policy" and "Terms and Conditions." This includes, but is not limited to, information contained in trip receipts, fares, trip duration, vehicle information, information of Rider or Driver, license plate information, etc.

Disclosure of Records

CAR requires valid and sufficient service of process before it discloses business records containing any information stored and maintained by CAR, which typically requires a subpoena, court order or warrant. We may voluntarily produce non-sensitive information upon request where there is an emergency situation involving a serious risk of threat to human life or serious bodily harm. All law enforcement requests should be sent via email to LEIR@callaride.com.

Preservation of Records

Upon receipt of written request by email to LEIR@callaride.com, we will take efforts to preserve the records requested for a period of 90 days. CAR may agree to extend this period upon receipt of a written request for an extension.

Emergency Requests

CAR has a procedure for evaluating emergency requests that involve imminent danger or serious threat to human life or of bodily harm of a Driver, Rider or other party. The requesting party must submit an emergency request to LEIR@callaride.com by indicating “EMERGENCY REQUEST” in the subject line. The request should describe the emergency and details about the nature of the actual or threatened harm. All emergency requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and CAR may choose to submit information if doing so is deemed appropriate to prevent such emergency.

Form of Request

CAR accepts courtesy copies of all requests for information by emailing a copy to: LEIR@callaride.com. However, all legal requests must be in sufficient form and properly served upon CAR’s registered agent. Furthermore, all requests should state the following information:

· Date of the request.

· Name of the requesting party; position; identification number/license number/badge number.

· Brief description of why the information is being requested.

· Legal basis for request of information.

· Specifics on the information sought that are detailed enough to indicate what records are being requested to be produced. We will not produce records in response to ambiguous or vague requests.