Before you start, sign in as a CAR Driver on the app and tap (THUMBS UP). This will allow you to receive ride requests.

Once you’re logged on, follow these steps:

  1. When you get a ride request, you’ll see a notification. Tap the ride you want to accept.
  2. Tap "accept ride" and follow the nav to pick up the Rider.
  3. Tap the "I'm here" icon to let the Rider know you have arrived.
  4. Have the Rider scan the QR code on the emblem or on the your mobile device to ensure you have the correct Rider.
  5. If the Rider and Driver know each other, the Driver can manually tap the "Start Ride" button when the Rider gets in the vehicle to start the ride.
  6. Tap "End Ride" you arrive at the Rider's drop-off location.
  7. Or, tap "Adjust Fare" if you need to add parking, give a discount or adjust for your wait time.
  8. Tap the number of stars icon to rate the Rider. You can review the Rider after every ride or later if you're busy. That’s it!
  9. To go offline or take a break, tap the "Busy Right Now" (THUMBS DOWN).