Updated 04/13/20

Call a Ride created a platform with options not just for Riders but for Drivers as well. What this means for everyone that has a truck is that you have a way for your truck to pay for itself. With Call a Ride's social sharing platform and social media sync this means when your friends ask you to move or to help pick up drywall or plywood, they can schedule you through the app. This creates a great way for Drivers of trucks to get paid for things they normally wouldn't--not just for friends, but for anyone that doesn't have a way to transport items. Now, they can contact Call a Ride and search for pickup trucks, and drivers can make money transporting or delivering items such as big screen TV's or BBQs. Drivers are not responsible for loading, unloading or securing the items. Drivers create their own pick up delivery policy.

* DISCLAIMER Call a Ride is not responsible for any damaged property of the Rider or Driver. Call a Ride is not liable for any injury to a Rider or Driver while moving, loading or anything that has to do with the delivery or pickup of any items while using the Call a Ride application. The Rider is responsible for the moving, loading and unloading of any items picked up or delivered while using the Call a Ride application. The Rider is solely responsible for securing the items being transported while using the Call a Ride application. The Driver is only providing the use of transportation. Any and all responsibility for the items and the Rider's safety while loading, unloading, securing and transporting are solely on the Rider. Call a Ride is a licensing company that reserves its rights as that.