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Social Media is a huge part of making Drivers successful on the Call a Ride platform. After creating your Driver account, the first thing you will want to do is to share that with all of your friends on the social media platforms of your choice. The app will prompt you to share that you are a Driver on Call a Ride. The sharing tool will include a link so your friends can either download the a Call a ride app if they don't have the app yet, or the link will go directly to your profile page on Call a Ride.

As a Driver on the Call a Ride platform, you have a feature to share your link on social media any time you want. This gives Drivers the ability to promote themselves any time. Riders also have the ability to recommend you as a Driver after every ride. Drivers should always give 7 star service every time to increase their recommendations.

Call a Ride has a social page included in Rider's app. The social page shows Riders their own ride history and reviews. This way the Riders can go back and see what Drivers they liked in case they forgot to "favorite" a Driver. The social page also shows Riders all of their friends, contact reviews and recommendations of Drivers. Now, Riders can choose Drivers based on their friends' reviews right on the app and on social media.

Social page deals: The CAR social page has a tab for deals. The deals are exclusive to Call a Ride Riders. Riders can choose a deal and take a Call a Ride Driver to the destination of the deal and use the discount or deal. The deals are also shared on the social friends tab in the social page. Call a Ride Riders can now see where their friends are going and what deals they are using. This will help Drivers get recommended quickly and easily.