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CAR knows that Riders depend on our Drivers. We also know that Drivers would love to have rides already scheduled in advance. So we created the Drivers calendar. This is how it works: Simply, go to your in app menu on the top right hand corner. Select my calendar from the menu. ( insert screenshot)

When you are in the Drivers Calendar, you will be able to go through each day and see time slots every 30 mins. Drivers will be able to toggle on and off each time slot to accommodate their own personal schedule. (insert screenshot)

Riders can schedule what day and time they need a ride. When a Favorite Rider or friend requests a scheduled time, and you are not working during that time, the Rider can choose a different Driver or send you (the Driver) a request message. ( insert screenshot)

It’s that simple. Remember that Riders depend on Call a Ride Drivers, so if you can't accommodate a scheduled ride, Drivers need to go to their calendar and tap on the booked rides. When the Driver taps on the booked ride, the ride info will open. Tap the cancel ride button. A message will open to send the Rider that you are canceling the ride along with a link to recommend other Drivers in their area with the same ride options. Please send the Rider the cancellation message within as much time as you can, so they can schedule a new Driver. (insert screenshot)

Note: Drivers, the Riders' fare estimates are based on the time and date they schedule the ride. If you change your rates, the estimated rate will change for the Rider. The Rider may not know the fare changed. Please inform the Rider if a rate change was made.