SECURITY BADGES - As important as it is for us to require our security and safety checks, it’s just as important for you to easily see the Drivers that have passed and are current with all these checks. We do that through our Badge Program that displays badges and dates for each safety check.

CAR AWARDED BADGES - Call a Ride rewards our Drivers with badges to show all Riders their accomplishments. Riders can see how many Riders have "favorited" them as a Driver or how many rides they have given. Riders can see if a Driver is dedicated on scheduled rides through a Drivers calendar. These badges are designed to showcase a Driver based on work ethic and dedication. This allows Riders to choose the perfect Driver.

DRIVER "SELECTABLE" BADGES - These are unique badges that are searchable by Riders so they can find the perfect ride and Driver for them. Drivers can add these badges based on their services, accessibility, vehicle equipment and lifestyle. The badges help Drivers market themselves while giving the Rider the option to search for the perfect Driver and vehicle for them.