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Updated 04/13/20

Make sure your driver profile is complete and regularly updated.

Your profile photo should match what you currently look like so riders can easily identify you. For example, if you get a haircut, color your hair or shave your head, please update your profile picture.

Drivers must only drive the vehicle approved by CAR that is listed on your profile.

CAR only approves drivers to give rides in the approved vehicle listed on your profile. If you get a new vehicle, make sure the photo on your app matches the new vehicle before giving rides. Additionally, the new vehicle needs to be approved by CAR before you may accept and take rides. Last, be sure to upload the new vehicle documents in the CAR app.

Drivers are not allowed to have friends and/or family ride-along while giving rides.

CAR’s platform is designed to give riders options. One of those options includes the number of seats available in the vehicle. If a driver has other riders in their vehicle, there might not be enough seats for the riders who are paying for the ride. This situation also creates an uncomfortable experience for the riders. CAR does background checks on all of our drivers, so having other people in the vehicle can cause a safety issue and is against CAR’s terms and conditions.

When cash is OK.

Accepting cash for tips and tolls is fine. If you must accept cash for damage to your vehicle, that is fine, as well. For your safety, make sure you still follow the damage prompts within the app, take pictures and note that you accepted cash from the rider for the damage. This way, the issue will be time stamped and logged in the database.

Use a phone mount.

CAR recommends using a phone mount while picking up riders. This will allow you to keep your eyes on the road and helps make it easier to navigate while driving to your locations.

Display the CAR logo.

Display the CAR logo on your WINDSHIELD. Additional CAR magnets can be purchased and placed on the side of your vehicle. This is one of the best and easiest ways to have riders identify and find you quickly. The CAR magnets can also be great for marketing yourself.

Obey traffic laws.

Your number one responsibility is safety for both you of your riders. Always keep your eyes on the road and be fully aware of your surroundings. Keep in mind that other drivers on the road can be the problem.

Remember to signal when changing lanes, follow speed limits, yield to oncoming traffic, and never make illegal turns. Come to complete stops at all stop signs, obey traffic signals, be courteous as a driver and always watch out for pedestrians and cyclists. Drive like there’s a "baby on board"!