Call a Ride allows Drivers to select if they want to allow pets in their vehicles. If a Driver selects to allow pets, they can create their own pet policy. For an example: John Smith's Pet Policy - I allow up to 2 dogs or cats up to 40 lbs that are on a leash or in a crate or carrier. No birds or reptiles.

NOTE: Your pet policy does not apply to service animals. It's against the law to refuse a ride to passengers with service animals. Even if you select that you don't allow animals, this is the one exception. Drivers cannot refuse service to a Rider with a service animal. You can ask a Rider if their animal is a service dog and what duties it has been trained to do, but that is the extent of it. Your best bet is to accommodate these Riders as the Americans with Disabilities Act requires.

To see a sample pet policy, click here: Driver profile pet policy