CAR's Driver applicants will undergo a driving record check. CAR reviews the results of these checks and may turn down applicants who don't meet both CAR and applicable regulations and standards.

CAR uses a third-party company to check driving records. Among other reasons, or as otherwise required by law, you may be disqualified to drive on the CAR platform if any of the below are found on your driving record:

· More than three moving violations in the past three years (e.g. accidents or traffic light violations)

· A major moving violation in the past three years (e.g. driving on a suspended license, careless driving, reckless driving, conducting a speed contest or racing, eluding an officer, failure to report an accident, failure to leave name and address at the scene of an accident, refusal to submit to an alcohol or drug test, operating a motor vehicle without the owner’s authority to do so, etc.)

· A DUI or other drug-related driving violation in the last seven years.

· Driving-related convictions in the last seven years (e.g. hit-and-run or felonies involving a vehicle, etc.)

CAR reserves the right to disqualify a Driver at any time, in compliance with applicable law, should their driving record reveal any disqualifying offense or for any other safety-related reason. CAR requires a DMV check annually but encourages our Drivers to do this every 6 months to show riders that they hold themselves to a higher standard.