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Updated 04/13/20

CAR TECHNOLOGY has an available feature that allows riders to utilize “Fleet Services,” in which CAR serves as a dispatch service for professional drivers such as taxi cabs, professional for-hire vehicles, and the like (“Fleet Drivers”).  Riders acknowledge that when using Fleet Services, Fleet Drivers are not TNC drivers as defined by the Florida Statutes and, as such, are not subject to the requirements of s.627.748 Florida Statutes, including without limitation: background screening requirements and insurance requirements, but rather Fleet Drivers are governed by other laws, rules, and authorities applicable specifically to Fleet Drivers. Riders and Fleet Drivers acknowledge and agree that CAR shall not be liable for monitoring and ensuring compliance with the applicable laws governing Fleet Drivers. Rather, the companies that employ or contract with the Fleet Drivers shall be responsible for monitoring and ensuring all required compliance.  Fleet Drivers agree to adhere to all laws, rules, and or regulations or authorities that govern the services they provide.  Unless stated otherwise, all rules that apply to drivers also apply to Fleet Drivers.