Updated 04/13/20


All material on any Call A Ride API applications (e.g., Shopify app) is the property of Call A Ride. All rights reserved. The information and images presented may not under any circumstances be reproduced or used without prior written permission. Seller may not use language that is threatening, abusive, vulgar, discourteous, or criminal. Seller also may not post or transmit information or materials that would violate the rights of any third party or that contain a virus or other harmful component. Call A Ride reserves the right to remove or edit any messages or material submitted by sellers.

Call A Ride integrates all information, tools, and services through 3rd party platforms (e.g., Shopify). Any and all new Call A Ride application features and/or tools added are subject to the current terms of service. The most current version of the terms of service is available at any time on this page. Call A Ride reserves the right to update, change or replace any part(s) of these terms of service by posting updates and/or changes to the company website.